* Portfolio Analysis   
* Asset  Allocation Analysis                         
* Investment Advisory Services       
* Employee Benefit Plans                 
* Retirement Planning      
* Long-term Care Planning                
* Pension Rollover Advice             
* Business Planning                         
* Business Plan Preparation Services    
* Risk Analysis (Insurance)         
* College Fund Planning                 
* Financial Consultation                           
* Year End Financial Planning       
* Estate Planning and Analysis    
* Beloved Pet  -  Care Planning      
* Individual Tax Preparation   
* Compliance Consulting    
* Insurance Products    
* Educational Services       

**Fees billed hourly for services rendered           and/or as agreed with an
Advisory Services Contract Agreement.

Affinity Financial LLC is a state registered investment advisory firm licensed to serve Ohio residents, only.  Therefore, information obtained from this site by individuals that do not reside in the state of Ohio is not solicited, nor construed to be a form of solicitation thereof.

Our Professional Partners in Providing Services:

  •  Institutional Money Managers and brokerage services
  •  Various Mutual Fund Companies
  •  Accountants
  •  Attorneys
  •  Insurance Companies
  •  Computer Analysts & Designers
  •  Bankers
  •  Tax Preparation Providers
  •  Third-Party Administration Firms

**Client preferred professionals also considered




National Association of Tax Professionals, Appleton, Wisconsin.... Dee A. Price of Affinity Financial LLC announces professional affiliation with the National Association of Tax Professionals  (NATP) a nonprofit professional association founded in 1979, and committed to excellence in taxation. Affiliation reflects a mutual commitment to ethical values and dedication to top quality, up-to-date services to professionally and efficiently serve clients.  National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP )  members work at offices that assist over 11 million taxpayers with tax preparation and planning. The average NATP member has been in the tax business for over 20 years and holds a tax/financial designation and/or a college degree. NATP has more than 20,000 members nationwide.Members include individual tax preparers, enrolled agents, certified public accountants, accountants, attorneys and financial planners. As a nonprofit professional association, NATP serves professionals working in all areas of tax practice through professional tax education, tax research and tax office supplies. The national headquarters, located in Appleton, WI, employs over 50 staff members. Learn more at    www.natptax.com.

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