Dee A. Price

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  Affinity Financial was established for the sole purpose of offering unbiased financial advice and services to the individual and small business community.         
Dee A. Price  established  Affinity Financial LLC in 2007 when it became apparent that the financial services business had changed and that the public needed additional services in the form of counseling, education, financial planning, and professional money management.  These services are now provided by charging an hourly fee and/or by a fee based on funds under management by a third party custodian.

Our goal is not to sell you products.  We are here to help you achieve your goals by working with you   and by helping to educate you   along the way.  Our clients become our personal friends which is why we built our business primarily on a referral basis.  We welcome the opportunity  to meet new people with the assurance that high pressure sales tactics is not a practice that our firm participates in.  **** Disclosure: Part of the compensation earned by Affinity Financial may be in conjunction with a professional money management program whereby a reasonable fee is charged based on a percentage for assets under management and/or in addition to any hourly fees based on whatever services are provided.  All transaction fees will be fully disclosed upon the initial client meeting and agreement thereof. If a client agrees to work with us regarding a professionally managed portfolio, they will also be given our form ADV as required by law.  The client and the Advisor will then mutually agree on the proper portfolio model that fits their objectives and risk tolerance, and then set a time line to implement the plan.  It would be in the client’s best interest to also schedule for future portfolio reviews and financial planning meetings at that time. Additionally, there  may be situations where insurance services may rendered;  in which case, if a licensed agent is involved and it is a commissioned product, then commission would be paid on that product to the licensed agent.  Affinity Financial will not act as a licensed insurance agent or agency at any time. Insurance Services and Tax Preparation Services are provided by DAP Financial.
Dee A. Price holds a Masters Degree in Financial Planning (with an MBA emphasis) and a Bachelor of Science degree in
Business-Finance. She has also attended  Cleveland Marshall College  of Law, The Commercial Banking Institute, The American Savings & Loan Institute, and Business Management Services Training with 1st Global Securities. She has obtained and retired
her FINRA licenses #7,24, and 63 because she no longer wishes to offer commissioned securities products. She has maintained
her series #65 (Registered Investment Advisor) license as well as licenses by the state of Ohio for Life, Accident, Health & Annuities Insurance. She is a member of  the National Association of Tax Preparers. Dee's expertise spans a 12.5 year career in banking,
3 years in supervisory management for a major insurance company, 2 years of retail brokerage experience, 17 years as a
securities branch manager and a total of 25+ years providing a variety of financial planning services. She instructed insurance
pre-licensing education for the state-of-Ohio since 1989 when she established her own school, until 2005. Additionally, she is
a member of the adjunct faculty at one of the local community colleges and formerly at two private colleges  teaching
undergraduate and graduate business and finance classes. 

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